How It works

A cutting-edge NIPT that analyzes every chromosome in the fetal genome, providing karyotype-level insight
maternal blood

SAFE®Karyo test is performed on a maternal blood sample which contains DNA (genetic material) from both the mother and fetus.

It is available for women who are at least 10 weeks pregnant.

The physical risk to you of obtaining the blood sample is usually minimal.

A groundbreaking technology allowing for a screening test that is revolutionary

High resolution genome-wide Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS)

SAFE®Karyo test analyzes the relative amount of chromosomal material across the genome in circulating cell-free DNA from a maternal blood sample.

Circulating cell-free DNA is purified from the plasma component of anti-coagulated maternal whole blood. A genomic DNA library is prepared to determine chromosomal representation using a technology called "massively parallel sequencing or MPS". A specific algorithm counts the number of copies of these chromosomes, and then uses a calculation method to determine if there are too many or too few copies of these chromosomes present in your fetus.