Indication for testing

This test is intended for patients at 10 weeks or greater gestation who meet any of the following criteria:
  • Maternal age-related risks (=35 years)
  • Positive results on maternal serum screening
  • Abnormal ultrasound finding(s)
  • Prior pregnancy with aneuploidy
  • Parental translocation
  • Low risk pregnancies
  • Patients wanting early, accurate testing and are at average risk of aneuploidy
  • Advanced paternal age (men that are >40 years old) *
  • Abnormal ultrasound finding(s) suggestive of monogenic disorder *
  • Patients wishing to avoid an invasive diagnostic procedure
  • Patients at risk for genetic conditions screened *

* PrenatalSafe Complete test only

The test is suitable for:

  • Both single and twin pregnancies
  • Patients whose pregnancies have been achieved by IVF techniques,
    including pregnancies with egg donation or surrogacy.